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Real Insights - Great Results

We instantly help organizations gain real insights from their stakeholders. We use human brain power in our digital Co-Creation Hub.

We offer an interactive space for collaboration, participation and engagement. In our [Idea Arena] (/methodology), open questions are asked and ideas and opinions are exchanged in a protected manner. All participants contribute their ideas, opinions and suggestions. These are rated by all without bias.

What is a Co-Creation Hub?

Discussions with and between all involved.

A wealth of information and relevance-checked, analysed data from real people.

Advice from experts and trusted partners and a precise knowledge of the pros and cons.

This is exactly what we offer. Just much more efficient, transparent and faster. Learn more

What We Do


Collective Intelligence in Real Time


Focus on Human Intelligence

We collect real data from real people.


Listening vs Silo Thinking

We bundle bias-free feedback for real insights.


No Language Barriers

We simultaneously translate all discussions into over 30+ languages for true inclusion.

4 Steps to Decision-Making


We are on Board

We discuss your specific challenges, goals, and the target groups you want to focus on. We will be at your side during the entire process.


Get Everyone Involved

Invite your target group to participate - offline with QR codes on flyers and posters, online with direct links in e-mails or social media.


Co-Creation Hub

Experience live how your stakeholders exchange ideas and provide you with diverse solutions and perspectives in order to continuously implement improvements.


Gain Insights

The analysis shows you transparently, where the most action is needed, and which ideas are best received.

BrainE4 You?

Our Co-Creation Hub is as versatile and easy to use as a search engine. We ask, your stakeholder answer and prioritize all ideas or opinions. This allows you to obtain customised solutions for your challenges.


Strategic realignment through reader integration

How does a magazine reinvent itself? On the occasion of its 100th anniversary, the magazine is going beyond traditional approaches to renewal by involving its customers directly in the development process.


Combating the shortage of skilled workers

How are nine hotels in the Weggis region increasing employee satisfaction? Hotel managers and staff work together to identify the drivers of staff attrition in order to increase their employer branding.


Shaping the Swiss Federal Constitution

How does an entire country modernize its constitution together with the people? Through an interactive dialog about the future of Switzerland, which makes every individual a co-creator.


Moving the future of 150,000 people together

How does the Nördlich Lägern region achieve sustainable development in connection with the planned radioactive waste repository? By every individual in the BrainE4 digital arena saying what the future of the Nördlich Lägern region should look like.

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In the Press


BrainE4 is an innovative approach! It is exciting not just to ask for opinions, but to ideas and develop them further. The diversity of opinions and ideas of people can be used in an optimal way.

Martin Hitz

Martin Hitz, Managing Director, AWB Comunova AG

BrainE4 helps us to get a good picture of the mood of the forest visitors quickly and easily. Brain**E4 prioritizes clearly and clarifies the ability of the majority. The result is a solid basis for resolving user conflicts in the forest.

Matthias Ott

Matthias Ott, City Forester Lenzburg

Participation and co-creation play a key role in our urban development. With BrainE4 we have the opportunity to gives us the opportunity to quickly and easily develop and evaluate new innovative ideas together with the citizens.

Matthias Müller

Matthias Müller, City Mayor Lichtensteig, Canton Council St. Gallen

The app is many times more efficient than a classic survey and the application is very simple and intuitive. I can collect ideas, have them evaluated at the same time and get a ready-made analysis at the end.

Thomas Geier, CFO, Member of the Executive Board, Aveniq

Through BrainE4 we have gained exciting insights into what people are interested in over the next 12 months. The evaluation gave a lot and can be used for a reliable statement about the origin of the results.

Peter Zurkirchen

Peter Zurkirchen, organizing future-work.day

With BrainE4 we have gained a broad and independent insight into how the public uses the forest today and how they would like to use it in the future.

Andreas Schmid

Andreas Schmid, Deputy Mayor, City of Lenzburg

With the help of BrainE4 we were able to quickly find out the opinions of the target group on the topic of data donation. The app also offers the interesting possibility that participants can easily share their own ideas and visions and thus contribute to the discussion in real time.

Kimon Arvanitis

Kimon Arvanitis, Managing Director Smart City Alliance, Project Manager Stiftung Risiko-Dialog

Using the co-creation methodology BrainE4 allowed us to gain far-reaching and innovative insights to improve the educational experience of Kalaidos students. The collaboration with BrainE4 proved to be a crucial factor in the success of this project.

Markus Prandini

Markus Prandini, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Kalaidos University of Applied Science


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